About me


This is The Addicted Reader I would like to start my thanking you for visiting my website. With all the ressources available on the web, I’m grateful that you have chosen mine. I hope you will find everything that you will need here, but if you don’t please feel free to leave a comment, I will make sure that next time you pass by it will be there.

Who I am? I’m a 29 years old man who have been working as a financial security advisor for a financial institutions since december 2014. While working I managed to get my Bachelor in finance.

That being said why this blog?

Well other than playing tennis, the other thing I really like to do is read. I mainly read about finance and self-developement. I think they go hand and hand. If you want to succed in life you have to, not only be skilled, but also mentally strong.

And as everyone says, if you want to succeed you have to do what passions you. I thought to myself why not sharing the things I learn to everyone and get paid at the same time.

So here it is! In this site I will be sharing everything I read about and will be reading about. My end goal is to be a full time blogger or more precisely a full time reader sharing his knowledge.

I intent is to be genuine with everything I will be doing. There won’t be any blog post on get-rich-quick schemes and you won’t see a picture of me with a rented Lamborghini as some would do on their Instagram.

Everything I will be writing about will be checked with mutiple sources. The information wont be coming from only one book that I have read but many. I really hope that whatever you learn here, even simple, will help you get a little closer to your goal.